Indie Game Watch: ‘King’s Keep’ by Skydevilpalm

Two Brothers From LA Soon to Debut Their Mobile Platformer

Skydevilpalm, a brotherly duo, are in the midst of launching their first mobile game titled King’s Keep. Before diving into the game, you can instantly appreciate the team behind their passion for retro games just by following them on Twitter. You’ll see many influences in their upcoming project.

King’s Keep is a retro-game that appears to be inspired from the timeless Megaman and Mario series. It is as if elements from both games have been tied into King’s Keep. Now, what is this King’s Keep that I speak of?

King’s Keep is a fast-paced platformer, as you platform across environments to collect coins and gems in an epic run through a goldmine. Based on the gameplay, timing your jumps and avoiding hazards including spikes and flame blasting barrels, are requirements to your success. If you’re also an old school gamer, you’ll also appreciate the energetic vibe behind the game with the sounds and dynamic environments.

A release date has yet to be set but it will be arriving to iOS and Android in the near future.

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