‘Humble Mobile Bundle: Great Adventures’ Includes Android’s Instant Classics

Pay What You Want and Unlock Quality Android Games for a Good Cause

Aaand we’re back. Apologies on the white noise as of late – life does get in the way and sometimes shifting our priorities can hold us back in other areas. But as we’re committed to bring to you the quality of news around mobile games, we’re going to start things off lite with sharing the new Humble Mobile Bundle: Great Adventures. Some of our favorite titles including Her Story, Lumino City, and Machinarium. The proceeds from this bundle will go towards the developers and charities (EFF, Child’s Play) as well as the option to add another charity of your choice.

Check out the Humble Mobile Bundle here.

With the “Pay What You Want” model, you can donate as much as you’d like. There are minimum thresholds to unlock certain games. The details are below:

Pay $1+ 

Grim Fandango

Kathy Rain


Pay $4 or more to also unlock

Her Story

Sorcery! 4

Burly Men at Sea

Pay $6 or more to also unlock

Lumino City

Samorost 3

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