‘Hero Generations: Regen’ is a Roguelike/4X Strategy Remake of the Original With Improved Features

Coming to Mobile and PC

Indie developers Heart Shaped Games  have announced a remake of their roguelike/4X strategy game Hero Generations which first earned recognition at Indiecade 2011 followed by an official release on Steam in April 2015. Unfortunately, the game received mixed reviews on Steam and wasn’t able to really pick up steam although there was so much potential packed into it.

Well with Hero Generations: Regen, the game is promised to have a re-tuned and enhanced experience including a redesign to the already visually appealing experience. The game is a turn-based strategy with each turn taking one year of your life. It centers around exploration, as you’ll require to find a mate, build up a home, and raise a child before its too late. Along the way, you’ll encounter enemies in which you must battle.

With this new remake, Heart Shaped Games will have more items, traits, buildings, characters, and quests alongside a new ending, generational events, and final boss – woohoo!

The mobile port and PC revision will arrive this August. See the new trailer below.

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