Here is the Sneak Peek of ‘Teeny Titans’, a Mobile RPG of the Teenage DC Heroes

Cartoon Network and Grumpyface Studios

Grumpyface Studios is the development team behind many of Cartoon Network’s mobile games including Castle Doombad and Attack the Light. Their latest project with CN is a game based on their TV series Teen Titans Go!, a lighthearted and comedic take involving DC Comic superheroes during their teenage years starring Robin.

The upcoming mobile game is titled Teeny Titans that was first announced earlier in May. Now, the developers have shared a sneak peek of the game via their Twitter account showing some of its gameplay.

Teeny Titans is described as a mobile RPG with absolutely no in-app purchases. Teeny Titans is a game that Robin becomes obsessed with where players will collect, train, and battle with DC heroes action figures and compete to dethrone the champion of the tournament.

We can expect to see Teeny Titans in the App Store and Google Play sometime this summer.

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