Here are the Best Nintendo Mobile Games for iOS and Android

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Nintendo is seeing a lot of success in the mobile space. We’ll certainly see more games in the future as they’re seeing the returns better than expected while launching other products in the market. Here are the best Nintendo mobile games thus far, with an ongoing list of more in the future.

Pokémon GO

App Store | Google Play

Rating: 9/10

Pokémon GO was a gaming phenomenon and it was created for mobile – bringing augmented reality, location-based gameplay, and a massive franchise under one roof. Created by Niantic Labs, this title allows players to discover Pokémon in the real world and capture them with your Pokéball. Additional features such as gyms and Pokédexes have given this game wings.

Fire Emblem Heroes

App Store | Google Play

Rating: 8.5/10

Second to Pokémon GO is Fire Emblem Heroes, a turn-based RPG with strategic battles. I would even argue that this is the best game by far, but the sheer impact of Pokémon GO during its launch is undeniable. Fire Emblem Heroes was designed for smartphones, where players leading their army and battle enemies across a grid-based map. The terrains add an interesting element of gameplay with each ally owning key attributes.

Super Mario Run

App Store | Google Play (Coming Soon)

Rating: 6.5/10

Super Mario Run is Nintendo’s most anticipated project after Pokémon GO as Mario is one of the biggest gaming franchises of all-time. The game itself brings forth a platforming style, endless runner to mobile. Although it has all the environment challenges you’d find in the original, it doesn’t quite live up to its expectations with the endless running instead of full control. Nonetheless, if you’re just a dire fan of the franchise, this mobile game is a noble experience.

Pokémon Duel

App Store | Google Play

Rating: 6/10

Pokémon Duel was a surprise release in the App Store and Google Play. Although it needs some polish, it does present an interesting strategy game with digital figures. Players will spin and battle for the post part in Duel with RPG elements to upgrade your characters. Win more duels and unlock more Pokémon. 


App Store | Google Play

Rating: 4/10

Miitomo was the first mobile app to arrive from Nintendo, but that is exactly what Miitomo is…an app and not a game. Players will customize and create their own Mii character. There are lots of customize from your facial features, clothing, and voice. The game has plenty of interaction and social elements, but doesn’t quite pass as a Nintendo game.

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