Hands-On With the ‘Vast Survival’ Multiplayer Game

Forest Survival Currently in Alpha

The name Vast Survival tells a lot about this upcoming game, as it’s best described as a massive multiplayer survival game.

A while ago I wrote about another mobile survival game named The Devious Evil, a zombie apocalypse survival game for mobile devices. The game renamed itself to Among The Dead Ones with plans to release within the coming year. Among The Dead Ones is not the only survival game in progress, with this new title by HooDoo Games currently in alpha.

What is Vast Survival?

Vast Survival is not a zombie apocalypse game but instead it’s a natural game of survival where you start with no belongings and venture into the world to collect and utilize resources by cutting trees, mining stone, and processing dead animals along with terminating any person that forms a threat to your environment. During your expedition, you will build a base, acquire clothes, and craft weapons – all the necessities for humans to survive.

The Vast Environment

The map is a massive environment filled with mostly forests, fields and mountains. I had the luck to talk to the developer in-game and he is certainly planning on adding way more buildings but he intends to keep the majority of the land with nature – which demonstrates the sheer beauty. This environment drives your human survival instincts as you explore your surroundings.


With a basic crafting menu, you can create ammunition, weapons , clothes and other necessities. By crafting items, you increase your chances of survival but also increase the chances of being hunted down for your items. Eventually you’ll be able to craft things like doors, walls, and all kinds of objects.

Base Building

Announced in the game description, players will be able to build bases although this was not available during the Alpha stage. I’m hoping for something similar to base building in Unturned with some sort of claiming system.

Let’s Chat

Something that is quite tricky and mostly left out by other game developers is the ability to chat in-game with voice. Most developers want this feature but know or fear it will decrease the quality of their game’s performance. With up to 26 players in each map, it’ll be interesting how this pans out. I have played and until now, I haven’t encountered any major issues. The closer you are to each other, the better you can hear and communicate with one another. It’s a great feature of the game and gives you an experience you would only find in PC or console games.

Still a Long Way to Go

This ambitious project still has a long way to go but it certainly has potential with this motivated developer. The list of the features to come are endless and improvements will be on its way. With a loyal testing group providing plenty of feedback and frequent updates to find all bugs, it’s just a matter of time before this game will have a stable version.

No set dates have been announced, but it will be available as a cross-platform game for iOS and Android.

Interested in participating in the iOS or Android alpha? Just contact their Twitter at @HooDooGames.

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