Gameloft Soft Launches ‘Asphalt Street Storm Racing’ in the App Store

Gearing Up for More Speed

Racing games such as Need for Speed and CSR Racing are just a few of the popular franchises on the mobile platform. Another one that stands out is Gameloft’s Asphalt series with a large catalogue of high octane racing experiences on a mobile device. As Gameloft continues to re-invent the series, there looks to be a street-racing spin-off that has soft launched in the App Store and will be due out in the new year.

Asphalt Street Storm Racing falls in the same category as CSR Racing with its drag-racing format and time-based trials. Each game will require you to ante up and test your reaction and shifting capabilities in a burst of races.

This upcoming title will include multiplayer matches with up to four players in a live race along with supercars to unlock and global races in landmark locations. See it in the App Store here.

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