First Mobile Gameplay of ‘Angel Stone’

An Upcoming Cross-Platform RPG by the Makers of 'Hello Hero'

Fincon first revealed an exciting cinematic trailer back in February for their upcoming cross-platform RPG. Although it did not include any gameplay footage, there was enough interest in the concept and game background to excite over 100,000 views on YouTube.

Angel Stone is a cross-platform RPG where players can play either on an iOS, Android, or browser via Facebook in a co-operative game battle against demon hordes. Players will select their warrior, who is out to harness the power of Angel Stones and defend the Earth from the Demons.

Developer Fincon, is an independent studio based in Korea who have delivered a top-grossing RPG called Hello Hero. It appears that this title will be free-to-play as well, expected for arrival in mid-2015.


Cinematic Trailer

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