First Look of ‘Nintendo Switch’, a Console and Mobile Hybrid Gaming System

Will You Make the Switch

Nintendo has taken gaming-on-the-go very seriously. From their first foray into smartphone games, now to their official hardware that doubles as a home console and tablet gaming device. This enables gamers to play on the go or in the comfort of their living room. And based on the official trailer, eSports is also in scope for the overall growth of this piece of technology.

The Nintendo Switch, formerly known as the NX, is more or less a tablet device and dock that plugs into the television. The device uses mini cartridges to play your favorite games from Mario Kart to Zelda or other licensed games like NBA 2K. You can also pair multiple controllers to the tablet where you can literally play games anywhere you go.

The design makes this the most flexible gaming device out there as you can lock in the controllers to the side of the tablet or play from a distance.

Now the question is, will you make the switch?

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