First Impressions of Nintendo’s First App/Game, ‘Miitomo’

A Social Experience

Today’s the day! Nintendo has taken its first steps into the world of mobile gaming with a title called “Miitomo.”

For those of you who are Nintendo console owners, the title plays like a much smaller version of Tomodatchi Life. In some ways, it is also similar to Nintendo’s Miiverse service that allows players to post about their gaming experiences from their Nintendo consoles.

For those who neither own a Nintendo console nor are familiar with Miiverse, this game is essentially a unique social network platform. You shop for clothes for your Mii avatar and answer questions your Mii character asks. These are questions such as “What did you do last weekend?” and “What is your favorite thing about cats?” Your responses are only visible to your friends, and you gain Miitomo coins for both answering questions and reading your friends’ responses. These become an opportunity for you to share quirky information and costumes with people in your social circle and see their amusing answers. Also, in case you were worried, there’s even a hot dog costume you can buy!

As of right now, there are several variations of drop games you can play that allow you to earn more clothing items to fill your closet. You drop your Mii and hope for the best! These are paid for by Miitomo coins or game tickets. You can earn these or buy them with actual money.

Having played this throughout the day today, I can say I’m amused with this title. It’s something to share with my friends, and I enjoy reading their answers, but that’s because I have comical friends. If you don’t have comical friends and don’t enjoy dressing up a miniature avatar, there isn’t much else.

I was hoping for the inclusion of their 8-bit mini-game featured in Nintendo’s 3DS title “Tomodatchi Life,” which was called “Tomodatchi Quest.” In the 3DS Game, the tiny RPG mini-game puts your friend’ Miis in the role of mage, fighter, swordsman, or healer. It is a lot of fun, and offers a miniature experience that I believe would do well for Miitomo’s mobile environment.

They could always add this later, but as of right now, I’m enjoying the interactions with my friends; their entertaining answers to their Mii’s questions and comments on my responses in return make for a lot of laughter.

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