First Impressions of ‘Armajet’, a Multiplayer Arena Shooter for Mobile

A 2D Jetpack Arena Shooter With Loads of Potential

The name might not say much…but for now, I’ll continue to have high hopes for its potential multiplayer game for mobile currently in Alpha phase. The game is titled Armajet.

So What is Armajet?

Amrajet is a 2D multiplayer jetpack-shooter with a variety of maps each having its own strategic set points. The use of different power-ups like the shield or double damage boosters will bring your team closer to victory. During this mayhem, players can make kill streaks to unlock bonus attacks such as drones, sentry guns, airstrike – similar to Call of Duty. If used at the right time, they become very effective attacks. On the flipside, if the enemy team uses it well…you’ll have a hard to avoiding them.

During the Alpha testing version, I found the guns to be well balanced. Through upgrades, players can upgrade them by opening card packs. This will require your hard earned in-game currency but for hte most part, you’ll only earn common cards. There is another level of rare/epic cards but this will require real money through the purchases of paragon (gems).

The game will reward medals which you can obtain as the same way in games such as Battlefield where if you kill 20 players without dying, you receive a specific medal. There are all sorts of medals and challenges you can compete in every day. In the Alpha, Armajet showed different characters with custom jetpacks, mostly for the sense of individualism. It would have been nice to see incorporate unique features for each character. For example, a prototype character with a faster jetpack reload and the other character might have the advantage of more jetpack fuel. Possibly even another one that can deal more damage, yet is much slower.

Is there an eSports potential?

You can get a strong sense that Armajet wants to enter the mobile eSports scene since this game is influenced and created by an ex-professional gamer. He would probably know a thing or two about this space and what is required to become a competitive sport. The game is fun to play yet if it is eSports worthy, we shall find out once they push the public release.

New Features

The Alpha test phase just closed and the developers will be working on many requested features provided by their community. Expect to see things like clans and other party-like options. Once the game goes into Beta, it will be possible again to request to become a tester. For all the Alpha testers, they will have first access to the Beta as a thank you for testing and being a loyal player since the beginning. The release is aimed for this Summer, but it has yet to be confirmed.

We hope to hear more about this game and this is definitely a shooter you should try out once available. It’s fast-paced and solid gameplay mechanics leave for a collaborative action game between gamers.

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