First Apple TV Controller Announced by SteelSeries, It’s Called the ‘Nimbus’

Playing Your Mobile Favorites on an Apple TV

There was a lot to think about with the new Apple TV announcement. Surely, we can expect gaming to be a big part of it and with BlueTooth 4.0 enabled within the hardware, we can imagine third party hardware opportunities. The obvious device is a console controller as Apple only shared their remote, Wii-like device to play certain games.

First to the punch is SteelSeries, announcing the “first” Apple TV controller called the ‘Nimbus’. SteelSeries is a leader in the hardware space, launching a series of mobile gaming controllers such as the Stratus XL and compact Stratus Wireless. The Status Nimbus on the other hand is proposed to be designed for the Apple TV but based on the specifications, it looks to be taking from the XL.

Either way, it will be priced around the same price point at $49.99 USD with a console-like device and 40+ hours of rechargeable battery life.  If you are looking at the current landscape of MFi controller, the Stratus XL/Nimbus would be one of the recommended controllers to consider.

The exciting part of Apple TV gaming is the ability to play mobile games that were designed for consoles in mind.

You can learn more about the device and stay informed at the following site:

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