‘Fallout Shelter’ iOS Gameplay

It's Free Right Now for iPad!

Gameplay of Fallout Shelter – A completely original and standalone mobile game available for iOS. Coming soon to Android.

» App Information «
Fallout Shelter. From Bethesda Softworks.
App Store link: http://apple.co/1FVweyS [+] Free
Google Play: Coming soon!

Ever wondered what life’s really like in the Fallout games’ underground vaults? Experience all the challenges of running a post-apocalyptic community — from building gardens and power plants to playing matchmaker for your citizens. Eavesdropping on their goofy conversations never gets old, and an adorable art style a la Fallout’s Pip-Boy cartoons will make series fans swoon. It’s not all lighthearted hijinks, though: Whether at home or exploring the Wasteland, your people will face raiders and other dangers.

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