‘Evoland 2’ Shifts Through All Types of Gameplay

A Time Travelling Experience Blending All Genres

Evoland 2 is in the works and will initially launch on PC. As we’ve seen the original Evoland arrive to mobile earlier this year, we hope to see the same treatment for it’s spiritual successor. Nonetheless, Evoland 2 appears to be much bigger and have more variety of gameplay styles during it’s time travelling experience.

The close tie between time travel and gameplay is a result of video game evolution, as you’ll start off in retro-based environments and travel through more modern 3D experiences. In Evoland 2, it will remain as a classic RPG at heart but based on the early visuals and gameplay, there are many more gameplay styles available.

Check out the official trailer and screenshots below. Evoland 2 will arrive to PC during the Summer. Mobile release dates have yet to be confirmed.




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