Easy Cash in ‘The Executive’

For the Troubled Tycoon

Being a successful business tycoon isn’t easy. Stockpiling loads of cash while fighting the hordes of the underworld? Forget about it. For those of you who are struggling to reach the higher levels in The Executive [$2.99] from Riverman Media, this small guide should come in handy. The exploit is tied to the Cookie Clicker side-game found in the Mining upgrades screen. Games of this ilk often have optimized upgrade paths and with a simple bit of math, can be taken advantage of. The Executive ups the ante a little here by not only offering passive earning potential, but also active ones that are tied directly to the actions you take in game.

Warning: If overused, this could potentially ruin the game for you.

First of all, you’ll need to level up your Miner. This grants you a modest bonus to your passive income, and allows you to earn money every time you block an attack.

Now head to level 6 of the Intern career. The first enemy you come across is a Wolfskull and is only able to perform low attacks, and no special moves. All you need to do as soon as you encounter one is block low by holding a finger on the lower half of your body. Riverman Media is wise to your antics however and have hard-coded a maximum number of times you can earn money from blocking. Once you reach this maximum, which takes just under a minute, complete the level as normal to earn whatever money has accumulated. Repeat as necessary, continually leveling Miner and Demolitionist.

Ahh, the Demolitionist — the real star of our show. The Demolitionist allows you to earn money for every non-special attack you land. By itself, it adds a small bonus income that gradually increases as you progress through the game.

Now head to level 10 of the Intern career. Level 10 teaches us the importance of unblockable attacks and how to prevent them. The very first enemy you come across is a Werewolf Officer in riot gear. A small dialogue box appears instructing the player to perform kicks by swiping from the player to the enemy when they glow, signifying their attack. The NPC is designed to have a few attacks interrupted before fighting him as you would any other. This instruction can simply be ignored and you can punch away at him ad nauseam, earning you that sweet cash. Be cautious though; he still has a health limit. It’s very high, but it’s there, meaning you will eventually take him out. Be mindful of your health and defense. If you’ve unlocked heal, this is a perfect place to use it. Remember, if you don’t complete the level, you don’t reap the rewards.

One final tip I have for those using this exploit is to downgrade your attack power. With a lower attack, you can get in more hits on the Werewolf Officer, earning you even more cash. Don’t go overboard on downgrading, as completing the level without enough power can be a painful experience.

At its heart, The Executive is not much more than a series of glorified quick time events on-rails. Its sheer level of polish and humor push it over the edge and make it a really fun and addictive outing. With the addition of the passive ‘clicker’ side-game, I can honestly say it’s one of the most fun games I’ve played in 2015. Exploit responsibly.

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