Download EA’s ‘FIFA Mobile’ in the App Store and Google Play

Available Worldwide

With the friendlies going on, EA SPORTS have renewed the mobile FIFA experience with the addition of new features and modes as well as live daily content updates in time for 2016-2017.

Over the years, FIFA has been one of the more favorable sporting experiences on a smartphone or tablet, as EA has tweaked the controls and have allowed for comfortable gameplay on a smaller screen.

 “When developing FIFA Mobile, we focused on giving players the most exciting parts of football in quick and fun bursts while prioritizing gameplay and engaging, new ways to play FIFA on-the-go,” said Todd Batty, Senior Producer. “This meant building a game that was optimized for the mobile player resulting in a fun and social game that loads quickly, runs smoothly on a wider range of devices, and has a small download size relative to the depth of features and content in the game.”

FIFA Mobile includes Attack Mode – turn-based matches for quick bursts of action. It also opens up Leagues where you can play with a group of friends or join worldwide leagues to compete on a leaderboard. With a hybrid control style, players can also manage and optimize the controls for both gesture and touch buttons.

Check out FIFA Mobile in the App Store and Google Play for free.

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