New Apple TV Games Announced, Including Device Exclusives

They're Coming Before We Know It

With the announcement of Apple TV and having gaming as a big component of it, we’re already beginning to hear developers and studio commit to bringing their titles onto the platform. This is promising news as the new Apple TV isn’t even available to the public, yet.

Activision will be bringing Guitar Hero Live, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved, and Skylanders SuperChargers. 

10tons announced Crimsonland, Sparkle 2, Sparkle Unleashed, Tennis in the Face, and King Oddball onto the platform.

Deep Silver FISHLABS will be bringing an Apple TV exclusive, Galaxy on Fire – Manticore Rising onto the new Apple TV. This is considered a prequel to the Galaxy on Fire series.

Oh and check out this new racing game, GT Spirit by Eden Games. It looks really solid.

As showcased at the Apple Event, Harmonix shared their Apple TV exclusive in Beat Sports, a Wii-like experience as you play sports games in tune with the beat of the music.

The hit mobile game, Crossy Road by Hipster Whale, will feature a multiplayer experience exclusive to the device.

Lastly, from the keynote, we came across other great mobile titles include action platformer Rayman Adventures by Ubisoft and cyberpunk RPG Transitor by Supergiant Games. 

Overall, we can expect a full list of games ready by the expected Autumn launch time frame. As tvOS has developers using the same tools and language for iOS games, it shouldn’t be too difficult for developers to port their game to Apple TV. One game I would love to see using the Wii-like remote would be Surgeon Simulator. 

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