‘DC Comics Legends’ First Look Mobile Gameplay

Hands-On With the Strategy RPG by Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has soft launched DC Comics Legends in the App Store, specifically in New Zealand. It is listed as one of our upcoming games of the week and we can expect it to be available worldwide on July 9th.

DC Comics Legends is a free-to-play superhero game, featuring a deep cast of your favorite DC characters as you battle across the different universes. This strategy RPG will have players form an alliance of up to four characters and take on enemies. There is a bit of storyline embedded into the gameplay, but I have yet to go that deep into the game to get a sense of satisfaction.

If you’ve played Marvel Contest of Champions, you can expect to experience a similar game in terms of role-playing mechanics. You can unlock new characters and upgrade them using the card system in place.

During the battle, as you can see in the preview video below, it’s a turn-based structure as you can select which enemy to target during the standoff and the type of attack. The visuals are fairly good with great animations. With that said, it may take some time for me to really enjoy the gameplay as it feels passive in comparison to the Marvel game.

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