Creators of ‘Alto’s Adventure’ Show a Sneak Peek of ‘Skate City’

A Worldwide Ride

When you take the gorgeous endless ride and inspirations from Alto’s Adventure, and embed sweet skateboarding tricks – you will end up with a slick title to look forward to be Built by Snowman. 

From grinds to flips by Built By Snowman in partnership with Agens, their upcoming worldly skating game has shown glimpses of gameplay and a gorgeous experience. If it follows a similar formula from Alto’s Adventure with constantly evolving environments and subtle features to glimmer your eyes, Skate City is bound to slide up the charts and radar of the App Store and Google Play.

Skate City will be coming to iOS and Android. You can be notified of it’s official release by signing up on the official site or stay tuned with Game Mob. Here is a teaser trailer below but more gameplay can be see on their Instagram.

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