CES 2016: Samsung to Showcase New “RINK” Controllers For Gear VR

Take Control

The internet is booming with anticipation after Samsung revealed a few items they were going to be showcasing at CES 16 in Las Vegas next week, completely out of nowhere.

Two of the three products include a new smart belt named “WELT” that measures your waist size, eating habits, steps taken and how long you have spent sitting each day.

Next up is a strap that can connect to either your smartphone or smart watch that will enable you to listen to the device by placing a finger on your ear. Feeling like James Bond yet?

Finally, the main event.

The hardware itself has a very impressive “less is more” aesthetic about them, matching portability of the Gear VR itself.

Nothing else is known about the controllers at present however, there is a video of them in action released by Samsung themselves.

We will keep a close eye on CES 2016 to bring you more information during the show through January 6 th – 9th.

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