Cave’s Free-to-Play Bullet Hell Shmup is Now Available on iOS

Lots of Action, Just in Japanese

Cave just released their latest free-to-play shoot’em up in the App Store. It is available worldwide, however it hasn’t been localized thus everything is in Japanese. Even the game title, so I’m not too sure how you’ll be able to find in the App Store but you can access it here. The game is titled Dodonpachi Ichimenbanchou.

There is plenty of action in this arcade game and there are English translations on the call-to-actions so you can at the very least get into the game. The visuals are truly eye-popping with uptempo music and busy environments for the small screen.

The controls are simply as you press and hold with one finger (your thumb is your best bet) and drag to navigate the sky while unleashing a series of bullets in rapid fire.

Source [PocketGamer]

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