Capcom Set to Bring 6 Classic ‘Mega Man’ Games to Mobile This January

Nostalgic Indeed

One of Capcom’s iconic characters will be relived onto mobile devices this January. Capcom will bring six classic Mega Man titles to iOS and Android devices priced at $1.99. Each game will bring back the classic NES days with the use of mobile touchscreen controls and original 8-bit graphics. Platformers are a popular genre for the mobile platform and with optimized controls, we will likely see a natural fit for this classic port.

As classic characters are coming back to life via smartphone and tablet games, it seems like an opportune time for Mega Man to come back. As iOS emulators are lacking with stable versions, we’re excited to see publishers bring these experiences back to life for mobile.

The six games will have appearances by classic villains including Dr. Wily, Dr. Cossack, and Mr. X. Fans can pre-register to be notified of their official release here.

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