Rockstar Games Celebrates 10th Anniversary of ‘Bully’ With a Smartphone Release

Mobile Mischief!

This is not a fire drill!

Rockstar Games’ beloved, coming of age classic ‘Bully’, has made its way to mobile to commemorate its 10th Anniversary.

Priced at $6.99, you’ll get the base game including the scholarship edition content. The mobile version comes updated graphics and includes a multiplayer mode.

On top of the already generous package you’ll get:

  • Native support for high-resolution displays
  • Enhanced graphics: improved lighting & textures
  • Physical controller support
  • “Friend Challenges”
  • Redesigned controls designed for touch
  • Multiplayer classroom mini-games
  • Continue your game anywhere with cloud save via Rockstar Games Soical Club.Grab it now from Google Play and iTunes.
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