Bite-Sized Action Comes in ‘Pocket Troops’, Out This Week

Recruit, Build, and Fight

A little bit of humor mixed with strategic battles brings back some of the qualities we’ve always loved in earlier mobile games. In Pocket Troops, the cartoonish graphics will bring light-hearted gameplay but blends in strategic gameplay styles in this war-based game.

As the Commander of your troops, you will square off on wide battlefields against your nemesis, fighting off in turn-based action. You will utilize your weapons, your troops special attacks, and call for airstrikes in order to beat the waves of enemies. You’ll be tasked to recruit new soldiers and upgrade your skills and inventory to lead them to success during their operations. The game ties in a narrative, as you look to take down Professor Evil.

Pocket Troops includes Player vs. Player as you take on troop across the world as well as Player vs. Environment. This title arrives for iOS devices on December 3rd, followed by Android shortly after.


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