Bethesda Set to Work on More Mobile Games After ‘Fallout Shelter’ Success

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Fallout Shelter became an instant success in 2015 as Bethesda released a refreshing take in a vault simulation game for mobile. It was initially announced on iOS at the E3 event, followed by Android in August, quickly rising the charts and becoming a top grossing game as a free-to-play.

According to GameSpot, director Todd Howard of Bethesda plans to invest in more mobile gaming after it’s massive success with Fallout Shelter. With mobile accessibility and recognizing that many developers at the studio already play mobile games, it seems like a perfect fit to turn their inspirations into tangible games on the mobile platform.

The goal doesn’t appear to always be a top grossing game as Howard mentions that this would only set you up for failure and disappointment.

With this approach and focus in creating quality over revenue-generating hits is a sign for good things to come from Bethesda Studios. It is just a matter of what and when will these games come to fruition. Either way, we’re super stoked to hear this positive news!

Source: [GameSpot]

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