‘BATMAN – The Telltale Series’ Episode 5 Trailer is Here, Coming to Mobile Devices This Week

Telltale Games Unveil Episode 5: 'City of Light'

The season finale is upon us of the BATMAN – The Telltale Series with its fifth episode arriving this week to iOS, Android, along with console and PC. As the tension has hit its peak and Bruce Wayne faces multiple challenges in the city of Gotham including the safety of the ones dearest to Bruce.

Episode 5, City of Light, has received its official trailer as it prepares for its release this week. With the leader of the Children of Arkham on the verge of ruining the Wayne family name, players will take part in Bruce’s decisions whether they’re right or wrong.

An interesting aspect of this final episode is that your starting point will depend on where you were in the third act of Episode 4. Check out the trailer and expect to see the final episode release for iOS and Android this week.

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