‘AZZL’ Mixes Animations With Puzzle, Coming to iOS September 24th

Your New Colorful Friends

Jutiful has announced a brand new stylish puzzler game titled AZZL. Known for their blend of colorfully designed app layouts with brain stimulating puzzles, AZZL takes on a more visual approach this time around. Along the ride comes a group of oddly cute and colorful characters.

Each puzzle is animated as you flip, twist, or rotate the scrambled pieces together in sequence with the moving imagery. Imagine solving a puzzle but instead of a still image, you are solving an animated video. Once you’ve arranged the pieces into place, your friends will reward you with “yays”.

AZZL is a puzzler that gets procedurally more difficult as you reach new levels that introduce new shapes and mechanics. Unveiling each puzzle will transition into a short animation that tells the bigger story around the puzzle you just solved, and it’s mostly hilarious.

A fun casual game with cute humor, AZZL is an upcoming iOS to keep an eye out for. It is scheduled to arrive to the App Store on September 24th. To stay in touch with the creators from Jutiful, check out their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

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