Atari’s ‘Pridefest’ Celebrate LGBTQ in This Mobile Social-Sim Game

Build up the city with color

Atari’s latest mobile game celebrates LGBTQ in the upcoming game, Pridefest.

Become a Mayor of a new city, and rebuild its energy through setting up and directing colorful Pride parades. As you select your floats and complete a set of missions, you’ll rejuvenate new buildings that you can upgrade and customize into shops of your choosing. With the more currency you’ve earned, the more customization to the town.

The game is certainly lively and a party with all sorts of characters to unlock and choose from. As you navigate your parades, there are roadblocks, construction sites, and even protestors. But these are small obstacles to avoid as you build up your city with color.

Pridefest will be available as a free-to-play for iOS and Android. Check out some of the early gameplay footage below.


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