“60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure”: A Lesson in Nuclear Fallout

This week in the App store, a game to help you prepare for a nuclear fallout.

Quick— Grab what you can because it’s time to get down into the nuclear fallout shelter! Oh, wait. False alarm. Alright then, on with our lives. If you enjoy survival games, Robot Gentleman’s 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure might just be your next mobile play.

This quirky, dark comedy survival game has players scavenging for resources and making decisions that impact the lives of Ted and his family. There are essentially two rounds of play; during the first, players get 60 seconds to grab resources from their home., and during the second, those resources determine whether or not Ted and his family live. The resources range from goods such as canned soup and water, to tools, such as the radio and the shotgun. It’s easy to overlook the gas mask hanging on the wall, so don’t forget that too! After the first phase of the game has elapsed, hopefully you’ve grabbed all your family members and the necessary supplies to survive during the bunker phase. While collecting all of Ted’s family means more mouths to feed and more water consumption, it also means that someone will hopefully be able-bodied enough to go out and forage for more supplies when things begin to inevitably diminish.

Players get to decide who gets to eat each day, who to send out into the atomic wasteland to forage for supplies, and whether or not to open the door to the fallout shelter when strange people come a-knocking. If the members of Ted’s family haven’t been fed, or have fallen ill, they can’t go out to forage, and then the curtains slowly begin to close. 60 Seconds is a fun, text-based adventure that has many interesting twists and turns.

If you enjoy games where you control the outcome of the story, or games that require the managing of resources, this is the game for you. The last time I was told to see how long I could survive with diminishing resources was on Oregon Trail, and we all know how that turned out.

60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure has just hit the App Store for $2.99.

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