Yo-Kai Watch: Wibble Wobble Tips & Tricks

Keep getting game over? Let us help!

If you’ve managed to complete the first area in the game and still find yourself spending your hard-earned Y-Money on game continuations, don’t lose heart! Here are 10 tips and tricks to help you get higher scores and take down enemies.

1) Get Attached, but Not Too Attached to Teammates

Be willing, and ready, to change up your team. Often there are obstacles or stars that can only be obtained by using specific Yo-Kai. Also, some Yo-Kai, like Illoo and Alloo, have a Soultimate Move that turns their own wib-wobs into that of their teammate, so it is best to have them both on your team simultaneously. Additionally, your Yo-Kai team dynamic may be putting you at a disadvantage against a difficult enemy, so considering switching your team up to have the natural advantage.


2) Revisit Levels & Befriend ’em all
Friending the same Yo-Kai twice increases your Soultimate Move’s power. You can also potentially gain stars you didn’t get the first time you played the level, or even befriend a Yo-Kai you hadn’t befriended previously. Additionally, you’ll always get Y-Money after playing, and potentially more items. You’ll also get extra experience points on everything else, so that level you’re struggling on won’t be holding you back for long.

3) Be Aware of Team Dynamics

If you have two or more Yo-Kai from the same tribe, you get a boost in your stats pertaining to that tribe. For example, if you want to have a higher HP gauge, consider looking at Jibanyan’s friends in the Charming Tribe. Two or more, and you’ll have a 10% bonus to your health that will increase with the amount of Charming Yo-Kai that you have with you. There are also compatible and incompatible tribes of Yo-Kai that you can read more about in the help menu.


4) Be aware of Yo-Kai Colors

Having two similarly colored Yo-Kai can make it hard to chain wobs-wobs because you’ll be chaining too fast to realize that the yellow Yo-Kai whose Soultimate Move you thought you were building is the other yellow Yo-Kai whose move might be less useful at that moment.


5) Theory: Finishing with a Soultimate Move…

… Might make a Yo-Kai more likely to befriend you. This is just hearsay, but a group of my friends and I have been playing this game for two weeks, and we’re all convinced we have to do our best to end with a Soultimate move. Practicing this kind of timing will also help you net stars in levels where the only thing keeping you from getting an ‘Outstanding!’ from Whisper is your ability to time a Soultimate Move as your coup de grace.

6) Trouble making strong friends? Train and Use Schmoopie

The sixth stage of the game features a terrifyingly cute Yo-Kai named Schmoopie. Eventually you’ll have the option to fuse this Yo-Kai with another one, but I would hold off early on in the game until you have more Y-Money to buy food later on. Reason being? Well, if you don’t have money to buy the expensive food to really win the hearts of your enemies, Schmoopie’s special ability is

7) Evolve and Fuse Your Yo-Kai

Some Yo-Kai can only be obtained by training your Yo-Kai friend to the appropriate level, at which point they will evolve. Having stronger, evolved Yo-Kai can be a great help against tough foes!

8) Save your Y-money!
Some Yo-Kai can only be bought through the Crank-a-Kai with Crank-a-Kai coins. You can also buy more spirit to keep playing, and buy a continue during a battle if you lose all of your health.

9) Use Soul Secret Books on High-Ranking or Rare Yo-Kai Friends

Because some Yo-Kai are more common than others, and because you can only level up a Yo-Kai’s Soultimate Move by befriending it more than once, leveling up the Soultimate Move of a rare Yo-Kai can be difficult. For example, I have Shogunyan on my team (who you can acquire after unlocking the first sealed page of your Medallium,) and I have not run into another one since. Because I haven’t had any other chances to befriend Shogunyan, I have used my Soul Books on this Yo-Kai because there are no other opportunities to level his Soultimate Move.

10) Take a look at your missions and events for more opportunities to befriend rare Yo-Kai
Right now there is an event going on to befriend Dracunyan, who you can obtain by defeating Lie-in in stage 50 with only rank E Yo-Kai on your team. Some Yo-Kai can only be gained through this method. Additionally, you can gain more money and items through completing missions.

Bonus Tip: Add friends! Friends can send you spirit to your friends several times a day. This can allow you to keep playing.

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