Twist (Ketchapp) – Mobile Game Tips and Tricks for the Best Score

How to get a higher score in the Twist Mobile Game

Twist is the latest casual endless tapping game by Ketchapp, available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. It’s simplicity yet frustrating gameplay will have you coming back for more to hopefully get higher scores.

Here are some tips and tricks from beginners to advanced players in reaching higher scores.

Zero in on the Ball

In Twist, Ketchapp has you platforming endlessly on elevated platforms that rotate. Ignore all the outer distractions and just focus on the ball and how close it is to the edge. Ignore the score as well, as this can make you panic a little and zero in on the ball.

You Have a Little Breathing Room

Although getting close to the edge will ensure you’ll reach the next platform, keep in mind that there is a small gap of breathing room where you can jump from in order to land into the next. So don’t risk your round by timing the jump to the very last edge of the platform.

The Square Platforms Require Quick Reflexes

When you reach a square platform, you don’t have much time to let the ball roll. Be sure to be quicker on the jump when you approach these platforms.

Maintain a Rhythm

The game is all about rhythm and this comes from understanding the relative time the ball will last on each platform length. Eventually, you will become comfortable with the various lengths of each platform. Be sure to keep this in mind when developing a tapping rhythm.

Ignore the Platforms Ahead

Although its important to read the next platform, don’t be too concerned with the order in which they come. Its all about focusing on the center platform and quickly making tapping decisions when you hit the next.

Practice, Practice, Practice

At the end of the day, these tips will help you initially, but you will need to practice quite a bit to develop the rhythm and understanding of platform lengths. Keep this in mind and you will become a master at Twist.

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