‘The Elder Scrolls: Legends’ Card Anatomy – What Do These Symbols Represent?

The Best Place to Start is By Understanding What You Deal

The Elder Scrolls: Legends by Bethesda brings forth a brand new collectible card game for your iPad. Each card brings its own qualities, abilities, and attributes to the table that will lead you on to victory. A great place to start for beginners is to understand what each symbol of the card represents before diving into the game.

There is a detailed breakdown in the game but I figured it’ll be worth sharing online as well. Based on the card image below, see details with corresponding number.

  1. Cost – Indicates how much magicka you need to summon this card
  2. Unique Gem – Your deck can only play one copy of a card that has a unique gem
  3. Name – Name of the card/character
  4. Card Type/Creature Type – This card types in The Elder Scrolls: Legends are Action, Creature, Item and Support. Creatures have individual types of their own such as Wood Elf, Orc, and Daedra
  5. Power – Creatures have power. This number indicates the amount of damage this creature will deal in combat.
  6. Health – Creatures have health. This number indicates the amount of damage this creature can take before it is destroyed
  7. Text Box – For Actions, this indicates the effects that will happen when the card is played. For Creatures, Items, and Supports, it also tells you about any ongoing abilities the card has.
  8. Attribute – Every card has one or two Attributes that are used in building decks. If a card has two, there will be a second Attribute icon in the lower right corner
  9. Rarity – This symbol tells you the rarity. Four rarities ar Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.
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