‘Tap My Katamari’ Tips and Tricks to Get to the Next Level

Learn From Experience

This new clicker by Bandai Namco will have you tapping ferociously to collect more items, gather more coins, and unlock new worlds. With the help of some friends and rapid tapping gestures, you can quickly move up the ranks.

Here are tips and tricks to get to the next level in Tap My Katamari. If you’re a beginner or an intermediate tapper, feel free to add additional strategies below!

Tap the Middle Area Where the Coins Drop

This is a given, but remember to tap the middle where coins spit out, that way you are rolling and collecting coins simultaneously. I prefer using both thumbs and grind out the taps until I begin upgrading.

Upgrade the Prince to Beat the Timers

The Prince will roll longer distances per tap when upgraded. As you progress, you will need him to maximize your tapping gestures. Be sure to upgrade this early on.

Charge N’ Roll Only for Timed Trials

Timed events will unlock the next stage, this it’s important that you tap harder and faster during these events. Keep in mind that if you have a charge n roll boost, it’s best used to beat out the dwindling red bar.

Watch the Ads Early on for Initial Boost

If you’d like to get an early head start, you will have to go to the dark side and watch the video ads. Right off the bat, you’ll earn a large sum of coins to get the ball rolling. Not recommending this later in the game as you’ll begin earning enough to quickly proceed.

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