‘Tap Company: Startup in Miami’ Tips and Tricks to Make It Rich

Learn How to Make a Successful Startup in Miami

Tap Company: Startup in Miami is a fun tapper game where you earn money to build up your own casino. You’ll want to grow quickly so here are some valuable tips for beginners and immediate level players to gather more income and grow the casino business.

Master the Tap Mechanics – Use All Four Fingers

The first step to being successful is finding the most comfortable mechanics for you to tap on all four rooms simultaneously. Using an iPad is much easier but for mobile devices, be sure to use all four fingers when tapping on each room. Tap rapidly to build up income.

Upgrade the Rooms First

As you’re tapping early on to build up some revenue, you will want to continuously upgrade your rooms so that each one will earn more. Spread out your upgrades evenly across all four rooms.

Start Projects Consistently 

Projects will block you from levelling up a room unless you complete it. In order to complete a project, you will race against the timer to tap ferociously for your gold bar to out pace the timer.

How to Beat Failing Projects

When you start “failing” on projects, you may want to know the best way of how to complete projects. The key tip here is to head to the underground casino and spin until you have a productivity or tap & hold bonus. This is crucial for beating the more challengin projects you might find in the “trader room”.

If you still have productivity and tap & hold meter, be sure to maximize this by completing as many projects as possible.

Build Early

You’ll want to start expanding your casino early as there are multiple phases to complete. By doing this, each new build will add a multiplier to your earning potential. Be sure to build once you’ve accumulated as much money as possible. Source : http://www.top10casinosites.net/ from the real money casino sites and online casino sites website.

Collect Gold Bills for Casino Spins

The casino is a crucial part for moving forward quickly. Be sure to collect the bonus bills from the bird, mailman, and rewards menu to claim as many of these bills as possible.

Level Up Staff and Unlock New Staffers

Eventually, you’ll want to level up staff and unlock new staffers to increase your automatic generation of revenue. Based on what level each of your room is, you can start targetting new staffers that can bring in more revenue per second such as the robot.


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