Make7! Hexa Puzzle Tips and Tricks to Get Higher Scores

Clear the Boards for the Highest Score

One of my latest mobile game addictions is the honeycomb puzzler by BitMango titled Make7! Hexa Puzzle. Although it is an easy to learn game where you rotate blocks and match numbers, you’ll find it difficult to master.

Make7! Hexa Puzzle is reminiscent of other great puzzles such as Threes! and 1010! –which all ironically have an exclamation mark in its name.

After through much practice and trial and error, we’ve rounded up the best tips, tricks, and strategies to achieve higher scores.

Place the Blocks Within One Count Next to Each Other

This was the most crucial tip I have encountered to help avoid a cluttered board of random numbers. Instead, this will seamlessly set up new combinations. Ensure that you’re placing numbers that are within 1 count next to each other on the board. For example, if you have a “3” on the board and the next block includes a “4”, rather than spacing out the “4” to a wide open space, place it connecting with the “3”. This will set up the “3’s” as it will eventually combine into a “4”, giving you a pair for an easy set up.

This trick goes both ways, so if you have a “3” and a “2” pops out, place the “2” close by.

Anticipate the End Location

When you combine the third block to the board, ensure you keep in mind where the blocks will combine. Wherever that block is placed, all the corresponding blocks will combine to the last placed location. It’s important to keep this in mind as you’ll have more control of the board and strategically open up the spaces for others.

This is especially important when you combine 3 or more “7’s” as this will clear a big portion of the board.

Keep Spaces for Up to Two Blocks

You’ll either be given a space with one block or two blocks. It’s always best to prepare for the worst and keep the spots open for a fitting two-blocked piece.

Clear, Clear, Clear!

Whenever you have a chance to combine the blocks, you’ll want to clear them as soon as you can. Although it may be tempting to think of future moves, the board space is limited so you’ll want to ensure that you are always combining three or more blocks. You’ll rack up the points quickly.

Use Your Power-Up/Bonus Moves When You Are Stuck

Do not overlook the bonus moves available at the bottom of the screen. This will give you some extra moves along with higher points when used to your advantage. Use them wisely, as they are limited and costly – but can be replenished by watching the ads after a round.

Practice Makes Perfect

Like all tips and strategy guides we provide, it always “practice makes perfect”. The more you rotate and play boards, the more ideas you’ll learn to reach the highest score possible.

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