How to Unlock ‘Disney Crossy Road’ Characters for Free

Getting the Best of Disney Crossy Road

Unlocking all characters in Disney Crossy Road can be expensive. Thus, we’ve created a guide to unlock your characters without spending money. It may feel like a grind at times, but there are a few hints and tricks in unlocking more characters faster.

We’ll start with the less obvious ones and then work our way down to the most obvious. There are many hidden methods of revealing characters as well, in which Pocketgamer does a great job in covering them.

Find Characters Within the Map

  • There are characters located within the levels where you can collect. Mortimor, for example, is found within the same map when playing as Mickey Mouse. It will take a few attempts, but when you see a character during your crossing, be sure to visit them to unlock them for the next round.

Collect 50 of the Items to Unlock Characters

  • Within the maps, you’ll notice that you can collect items such as cakes, apples, or cherries. While playing as a certain character, you will unlock characters if you reach a certain threshold (50 items).

Play the Right Map

  • Once you have unlocked the “Lion King” map, this is generally the best place to collect coins. The difficulty level is reasonable with a high turnover of coins.

Focus Rounds on Collecting, Not Distance

  • As much as we’d like to get as far as possible for each round, the best bet is to collect coins as much as possible. This will help you collect coins faster and once you reach 100c, you will earn a prize.

Watch the Video Ads

  • These are the most intrusive way within the game to earn coins where it asks you to watch a video ad in order to earn more coins. This is definitely worth it if your goal is to unlock new characters. These ads are typically 30 second videos, so it works well if you’re a multi-tasker.

BONUS: For Those With Deeper Pockets

  • Purchase “Hamm” as this character will allow you to earn coins faster with any figurine. It costs $6.99, but may be worth it for those hungry to unlock more characters. To access “Hamm”, simply swipe to the far left on the character selection and you can unlock him.
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