How to Save Your Money While Playing Great Mobile Games

Mobile Games Are Fun, But Can Be Costly!

If you are a frequent mobile gamer but want to avoid racking up your credit card bill, here are a few tips and tricks to save plenty of money while enjoying quality mobile games.

Become a BETA Tester

Yes, you’re not always getting the final product but by BETA testing, you will connect with the developers and be able to provide valuable feedback to their game.

Ask for a promo code!

It doesn’t hurt to ask the developers if they have a few iOS or Android promo codes lying around. Don’t be annoying when doing this however, it’s best to just continue to share with the creators how much you enjoy their work and they may empathize and shoot you over a code.

Hunt of Deals

Believe it or not, but there are game deals happening every week. Heck, at Game Mob, we provide weekly round ups on notable games that have a significant price drop. When the price drops of a premium iOS or Android game, I highly recommend going for it!

Don’t Get Suckered Into Clones or Screenshots

When something is too good to be true, created by an unknown studio or indie developer, I highly recommend you do your research before picking up the game. A quick Twitter or Google search will do as to whether they are a legitimate company or not.

Follow the Best Creators

There are a select group of publishers and game developers that you will follow over time and trust their ability to deliver a quality game. Keep in mind of some great ones including Telltale Games, Foursaken Media, Simogo, and of course Nintendo.

Beware of “Free” Games

As mentioned before…things are sometimes too good to be true so beware. Free-to-play games won’t always drive you to spend more dollars but keep in mind that the gameplay is typically limited.

Share With Friends or Family!

Games are for everyone, so there’s not reason not to share the games with your friends and family. By doing so, this will allow you to share the costs and play more games. You probably won’t want to share a smartphone, but an iPad or Android tablet would be best.

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