‘Grayout’ by Mrgan Walkthrough Guide and Answers


The prequel to Blackbar provides excellent storytelling, as you piece together answers from a word bank after waking up with aphasia. Grayout can be challenging at times as you piece together answers and sentences. We have your support with a walkthrough guide and answer sheet.

If you’re stuck on a level, check out our full answer guide below. The best way to use this guide is to look at the words and remember the previous answer on the page.

Page 1: yes

Page 2: no

Page 3: it hurts

Page 4: why

Page 5: it’s a language disorder

Page 6: words hurt my brain

Page 7: but I feel my arms and leges

Page 8: it can’t be

Page 9: where are my friends

Page 10: no

Page 11: who is this

Page 12: please stay

Page 13: I was in an accident

Page 14: I can’t move

Page 15: what, where, who

Page 16: eston don’t go

Page 17: why did you tie me down

Page 18: I don’t believe you

Page 19: I feels horrendously

Page 20: ideas shout

Page 21: this is torture

Page 22: thank you

Page 23: what was wrong with you

Page 24: I’m sorry

Page 25: no it was Groznik

Page 26: eston are you there

Page 27: ewe lyed two mee

Page 28: that’s what you think

Page 29: that’s too bright

Page 30: I hate you

Page 31: there is nothing right about this

Page 32: I’m not your ticket

Page 33: you take my place then

Page 34: evil is not a job

Page 35: are you serious

Page 36: is it true

Page 37: we are not a couple

Page 38: please

Page 39: this is different

Page 40: I want to die

Page 41: good

Page 42: ok

Page 43: goodbye

Page 44: h I

Page 45: iTS o K

Page 46: a L a iN e

Page 47: oh Gone

Page 48: boO Gan ye CoUlD

Page 49: vegEtAbLE

Page 50: HELLO

Page 51: oH No

Page 52: you are the sick one

Page 53: I want to escape

Page 54: I am your friend

Page 55: WhY nOT ToNIGHT

Page 56: GOOD bYe FRiEnd

Page 57: whEre iS he

Page 58: No yOu diD

Page 59: I wIlL GeT ouT OF heRE

Page 60: I CAN

Page 61: YOHr UH FrawD

Page 62: quACk

Page 63: YeaH riGhT

Page 64: For Get It

Page 65: it won’T Work

Page 66: 1234

Page 67: this is it, i am strong, i can do this, spirits break chains, well un stuck


Page 68: the end

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