Fun Run 2: Multiplayer Race Tips and Tricks to Get to the Next Level

Learn How to Win the Race in Fun Run 2

The sequel Fun Run 2 – Multiplayer Race by Dirtybit has brought the cute but bloody race to the finish line back to mobile. The improved title includes fresh environments, new characters, as well as new attacks and defenses to use for your benefit during the four player online race. That means, new strategies are involved in order to be at the front of the pack.

Why would you want to be the best? Well with the record system, you can stand out against your online friends but also gather your friends to play and show them how good you really are. On top of that, you’ll earn coins based on your rank which can be used towards cool upgrades.

Here are some strategies to improve your race of Fun Run 2 – Multiplayer Race. 

1. Practice the Levels First!

I know this sounds lame, but if you want to have a solid winning percentage, I highly recommend you playing against the computer a few rounds before getting into the ranked matches. This is especially important for Fun Run newcomers.

2. Start off Strong!

Getting ahead of the pack is crucial. Falling behind will lead to frustrations built from traps left by the players ahead of you. You will start with a perk right out the gate, but ensure you use these effectively. Depending on the perk, you will likely want to use it within the earliest moment of the round.

If you have a shield perk, I would use it right away as you may assume that other players have attack methods. Also attack everyone right away, avoid allowing even a single player attain a lead.

3. Don’t Jump Too Much, Only When Necessary

Jumping in this game excessively will slow you down greatly. Be sure to only jump when necessary, such as during wall climbs, over large gaps, and over traps. If there is a small ledge, simply avoid jumping as it will ruin your momentum.

4. Learn the Maps

This is a crucial aspect. By understanding the nuances of each map, you will gain a steep advantage over 90% of the players. Really understanding the environmental traps and learning the best routes via practice will give you a leg up against the competition.

Also, vote for the map that you’re strongest in! Lots of players do not both picking the maps, which could be a mistake.

5. Listen to the Sounds

Often overlooked are sounds of traps being set or defensive guards being used by other players. Pay attention to these sounds as it can give you clues as to whether a trap was dropped ahead of you. Or if you have a lightning attack, but you heard a bunch of shields go up, hold off on the attack until about six seconds for it to wear off.

6. Setting Traps

Placing your traps is an important skill as it slows down the trail behind you, especially when placed in the best locations.

Great places to drop a trap or a box is between speed boost rails, at the top of a wall climb, or in the middle of a tight pathway. These locations have players simply “screwed” and will give you a comfortable lead.

7. Use the Rocket for Uphill Battles

If you’re using a rocket, you can take advantage of it by utilizing it when there are wall climbs and uphill paths. Anything downhill is not worth it and may even slow you down.

8. Rocket Tip #2 

If you’re using a rocket, but happen to pick up a new perk, be sure to use the second perk before the rocket explodes. For example, if you have a speed boost perk while in the rocket, you can select the speed boost and it will prevent you from exploding into pieces.


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  • CoDEmanX

    Thanks, some nice hints in there. I’m still wondering however, how to use the rocket: am I supposed to hit the jump button as fast as I can? Or double-tap in intervals? It seems pretty random to me. Speaking of which: Do you know why your weekly rating drops even if you finish 2nd, or you get +0 as winner?