Dashy Crashy Tips And Tricks For Higher Scores

Direct From Dumpling HQ!


If you’ve been dashing and crashing not only through the snow but a highway full of cars, check out these awesome tips directly from Dumpling Design on improving your score and grabbing those sweet rides from your friends!

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Changing Lanes

Swiping left or right changes lanes, each lane changes requires a swipe, so if you want to move across 2-lanes, you’ll need 2 swipes and so on


-Swipe up to gain a brief boost of speed . This is useful to burst past tricky situations, but importantly boosting boosts your score (and naturally the difficulty of the game and will require faster reflexes), so there’s a rick/reward to how much you can push.

Boost Chaining

Continually boosting (swiping up) performs an extended boost. In addition to increased score accumulation from speed, there’s actually a multiplier. The longer you boost, your multiplayer increases this varies between vehicle (see below).

Super Sonic Speed!

It’s possible to continue boosting to a ‘max speed’ state (you’ll know it – the screens goes hyper yellow and crazy) in this state your vehicles multiplier is at max


Swipe down to brake. Think of this more as providing a momentarily breather / slows things down however, brake too many times successively and you’ll get rear-ended!



Watch the indicators! cars change lanes frequency, but you can see when and where they’re going by watching the indicators on the car.


A trusty and nostalgia feature, listen to the satnav / commentator, she will warn you what lies up ahead.


When emergency vehicles enter the highway, you can tailgate them for a short time (around 10secs) and they’ll barge everything out of the way, be warned however, they WILL eventually crash and spill!


If you need it, try braking to give yourself a bit more time to adjust/ weave between the pileups


Race and Chase events can be tricky, when you see a lane flash for ‘Danger’, there are a couple of strategies that can help.

– Give yourself some room/ get away from the danger lane

– Slow down, braking let’s the carnage fly right by and gives you time to setup your appraoch

– Pedal to the metal and boost ahead of the event!


Every car has their own pros and cons. specifically there is no ‘Win Car’ in Dashy Crashy, collect and try out the different cars to find one that speaks to you and your style of play. Broadly speaking car falls into one of the following 4 categories. Each are represented within each Rank Class. A great indicator to the type of vehicle is their size.

Light (i.e. Learner, Family Wagon, Drift King…)

+ Pros – great all-round speed + boost, best handling (responsive) handling

– Cons – 1 hit, avg boost bonus

Medium (i.e. Ice cream Truck, Lorry Cab…)

+ Pros – 2 hits, all-rounder (avg. speed, boost, handling)

– Cons – avg. boost bonus

Heavy (i.e. Lorry, Monster Truck, Tank…) 

+ Pros – 4-hits (best durability), slower acceleration (if that’s your thing)

– Cons – heavy handling, lowest boost bonus

Fast (Street Racer, Sports Car, Formula Racer… )

+ Pros – best boost bonus, highest speed/ acceleration

– Cons – 1 hit, coupled with insane speed creates highest risk/reward


In the garage you can tap your cars, to change color.

Bonus: look at the speed a vehicles wheels are turning to get a sense of how fast they are.

While driving, tap your tap to beep the horn. In some vehicles you can hold the horn for surprises

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