‘Angry Birds Fight!’ Tips and Tricks for Beginners

How to Maximize Your Match-3

If you’ve played “Angry Birds Fight!”, then you know that every move counts in these fast and furious matching matches. So to help you get ahead as you climb up in rank out there, here are five quick and easy tips for beginners you can use to improve your likelihood of winning and getting those winning streaks!

Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade:

One easy thing to do is make your gear is the most powerful item your bird owns currently, and to upgrade it often. On the start menu, tap on your bird to see your equipment, and tap on the equipment icons to bring up its stats. Also, be careful: You don’t always earn better equipment after matches, so be sure to equip new items only after reviewing their stats in the stat menu and to sell the lesser-quality ones you no longer need. If you’re unsure of what equipment is best for your bird, there is also an auto-equip button that will choose the gear with the highest stats.

Go back and replay areas for pig challenges:

After you have defeated your international opponents, go back and replay areas to challenge the mutated pig pirates in ship battles. Winning will net you the three stars you need, new gear, and possibly a gem that you can use to unlock more birds (and more bird abilities!). Sometimes you’ll get gear that you can’t use right away because your birds aren’t “strong enough to carry it,” but keep playing, and eventually you’ll be able to use these.

Take full advantage of Angry Mode and Bird Powers:

If you only play with Chuck (the yellow bird), and don’t play with Red (yes, the red bird,) then Red will get angry. This will give him a small boosts to next performance you use him in, and every little bit counts in these fast matches. Be sure to attempt to match birds that match your chosen bird for stat boosts too! That will help. Also, if you match four or more birds in a match, different things will happen dependent on the bird, but don’t focus solely on getting four because you’ll need to keep moving. As this is a freeware title, there is also a way to earn stat boosts by watching the short advertisement videos, though depending on your Internet connection, that may or may not be the simple boost you need, as some people have had a problems loading the advertisements only to have the game crash. Hopefully this issue has been resolved with the recent July 9th update.

Try to get winning streaks for coin bonuses:

At the end of the day, equipment is the simplest thing a player can do to increase their likelihood of winning. It is possible to defeat an opponent of higher level if you’ve got superior items on your birds, so any chance there is to earn more coins, take it. One way to do this is by winning several matches in a row, which will net you more coins, ultimately allowing you to buy upgrades for your gear. With the recent update to the game, there is also a new daily challenge feature that will allow you to earn new rewards.

When you’re first starting off, focus on improving your matching skills:

While this game is very easy to pick up and play, it takes a while before you can really begin to employ serious strategies. Being knowledgeable of bird powers and all that comes with equipment or ship upgrades is useful, but you won’t have access much of that at first. By developing the ability to look at the board and quickly make matches, you can eventually be fast enough to see where you might be able to score a double combo or plan ahead to make a row of four. Warning: Don’t get hung up or focus solely on getting matches of four though—taking too long to plan or execute a move will cost you the game just as quickly! Scanning the board and switching birds around rapidly is how you can best players of higher level—sure, they may have better equipment, but if your performance was stronger and you made many more matches.

Armed with these tips and tricks, hopefully you’ll now be able to beat that one Facebook friend who, while being nice enough to gift coins to you daily, has won every single match against your birds! Or, at the very least, you’ll be able to defeat that mutant pig pirate with your awesome new ship upgrade.

If you have any good tips for Angry Birds Fight! for beginners, add them below!

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