5 Mobile Games Inspired by Ancient Mythology

For the Mythological Lovers!

Ancient mythology has become a persistent theme in mobile gaming, across a number of different genres. Mobile gaming has proven perhaps more effectively than any other medium that characters and settings can take a game a very long way, and developers seem to have picked up on the fact that figures from ancient mythology carry a lot of weight. These are simply intriguing characters to people, and that appears to make the games pretty popular.

These five games illustrate the trend.

Gods Of Rome

Gameloft has produced an impressive array of iOS gameover the years, and Gods Of Rome is one of their latest triumphs. Designed as a fighting game in the image of classics like Tekken or Mortal Kombat, it’s already built up a massive collection of gods and other mythological figures for players to fight with. There’s a story built in as you progress through different fights and challenges and level up your own fighters as you gather them, but for all intents and purposes it’s just a brawler—and a very good one. The game has already expanded to include a lot of mythological figures that aren’t from Rome or Greece (one recent expansion was “Wrath Of Egypt,” for instance), but it’s mostly the classical age gods that take center stage.

Immortal City

A proud purveyor of free games for mobile devices, YesGnome has been a little hit-or-miss in general. However, Immortal City is an enjoyable game featuring a playful but an engaging take on mythology. It’s primarily a civilization-building game in which your goal is to gradually construct and sustain a great city. But rather than battling other cities, as so many mobile games these days would have you do, the side activities revolve around quests and challenges alongside godly figures.

Gods Of Olympus

Gods Of Olympus, currently the only app from Aegis Interactive, is both a more typical and more complex city builder. This game is similar to Clash Of Clans or something of the like in that you attempt to build up an empire while fending off other players and taking down their settlements. But Gods Of Olympus also involves building up a squad of ancient gods that functions as your weapons arsenal when you take on other cities and empires. It’s been a very well received game, and in particular is a lot of fun for players who want to form alliances and compete together.

Age Of The Gods

Age Of The Gods is a little bit different in that it’s actually part of a variety of different themed games featured at Betfair. The same games are available through the company’s mobile app, which means you can enjoy Age Of The Gods on your devices as well. This game is a slot reel that goes above and beyond your average online slot simply by using ancient gods and their related settings to adorn the reel and background. It’s actually one of a few similar games available from this platform, with other titles invoking other gods specifically, though Age Of The Gods is the foundation title.

Greek Mythology Trivia

Granted, you can find a ton of mythology trivia at Sporcle online, but if you’re looking for another mobile game in this category, a trivia app isn’t bad to have on hand. Designed by Pavel Burda, it’s relatively straightforward, but it’s also packed with interesting quiz questions about the ancient gods. Not only that, but it can hook up to the Game Center to allow you to challenge your friends.

You can find other mythology-related games both on mobile and elsewhere, to be sure. But if this is a genre that appeals to you, these are some of the most enjoyable titles you can dig into.

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