1010! Mobile Game Tips and Tricks for Higher Scores

Clear the Boards and Become a 1010! Pro

One of my favorite puzzle game at the moment is 1010!. It’s frustrating as much as it is addicting but after carefully trying to understand how this game works, there are a number of strategies that will guarantee higher scores. The game is made to screw you over, so the next set of blocks is not likely going to help you.

So consider these 1010! tips, tricks, and strategy for higher scores.

The Number One Tip: Always Go for Line Removals, Don’t Spend Time Fitting Blocks

At first, I was trying to make blocks fit together nicely and try to go for that massive row and column removal. WRONG! For each set of blocks you are given, always look to take out a single row or column. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look like the best fit because it will remove the entire line of blocks anyways, which will open things up for you.

This has helped me get higher scores a lot quicker without using much thought.

Consider Your 3 Options Before Placing Them

A natural tendency for this game would be to grab the first block you see or whichever is most convenient. For strategist looking to score much higher than average, consider all options prior to laying it down. Look for ways to add multiple row and column removal within the given set.

Start in the Corners 

The corners are the worst part of the game as it can trap you early on. I always like to start off in a corner rather than dead right in the center. This will give you more of a direction path and allow you to avoid being cornered.

Work With the Most Difficult Block First

You’re given three blocks at a time, all of different shapes. Be sure to consider where to play the larger or more complex shape block, especially when your 1010! board begins to look busy.

Always  Make Space for the 3X3 Block

There is an evil shape with a 3×3 set of blocks. This is typically considered the game killer because once your board fills up and you haven’t make space for this block, well, it’s game over. If you have a 3X3 in your set of moves, then carefully think about how you will open up space for it.

Fill in the Holes or Spaces

At times, a lone purple block will come to you and you will feel like you are on top of the world. Rather than placing it anywhere, it is best to use these as hole fillers if there are any single space gaps or rows to remove.

Go Both Ways

This is a simple part of the game, but it is often overlooked. Although you would want to consistently taking our horizontal rows, remember that vertical rows count as well. Mix it up, as long as the focus is around removing it right away.

If you have any more 1010!, please leave them in the comment section below!

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  • John Kim

    If you have any more 1010! tips, leave them in the comment section below!

    • SuziQ

      Maybe it’s my imagination…but it seems as though the blocks are not given randomly….they seem to reward good placements with easy blocks…and punish facile placements with harder to place blocks. Also it seems to most often give blocks that will eliminate a row or column…does anyone know if this is true? My highest score so far is 2196.

      • Tom S

        I’ve seen this too. The messier you get, it seems the harder the blocks come. High score 10,000.

        • Jehovah’s Blitzness

          Currently at 430,000 (previous high scores were in the 260s and 270s).

          The main trick is to always leave room for a 3×3, and both straight-5s. If you’ve done this, you’ll be able to fit just about anything. It’s almost always best to clear rows ASAP, but the exception is if it will leave you closed to a 3×3.

  • ptalady

    I’ve been starting to think…I play along as if the next set of blocks will be randomly selected…however, that is merely my assumption. I did not sign any contract whatsoever…. “The game” whoever or wherever is the source of the blocks may or may not have fair play in mind… I began to realize “the game” can shoot me a poison pill at any time. I can try to be ready for it, but for sure there is a wicked combination of blocks that will trip up even the most expert player. Or there is probably even one or several surefire “checkmate” sequences. So…what am I really up against?

  • Finlainey

    I just eliminated 2 rows at one time and got zero points! This also happens when I use 2 5’s to eliminate a row or column. Why does this happen?