FATHER.IO: The Future Of Laser Tag

Grab Your Friends, War is Coming to a Street Near You.

Previously, I had zero knowledge this project existed until a trailer for FATHER.IO appeared in my Twitter feed about half an hour ago. I am really kicking myself that I didn’t know about this sooner.

The Kickstarter for the project is now live, and with it comes this awesome trailer.

A lot of time has clearly been sunk into the project. With strong branding and video content, the developers are creating a universe for what seems to be an ongoing story that players may experience together or against each other.

You can take the side of either “The Evolved” or the Humans, presumably the heroes. Both factions have a host of classes with their own unique traits and abilities that will no doubt be upgradable on top of the arsenal of weapons at your disposal.

The action itself can take place in over 12,000,000 real world locations, publicized with the tagline “The Planet Is Your Playground”. Players will need to fight to claim areas and interact with real world locations such as banks to deposit cash.

Set in an alternative future after an apparent “Technological Singularity”, Artificial Intelligence has surpassed our own. A super-cloud computer known as “Ethereus” was created by humanity that possess the ability to re-design itself in a hyper-accelerated process of artificial evolution.

From what I can gather from the story trailer below, Ethereus is essentially taking over the smart cities named “Neapolis” and causing chaos surrounding politics, religion and economics.

Father.IO itself is a virus and has launched an attack on the Ethereus system which in retaliation, has begun encrypting data banks and communication lines and altering its physical properties. Father.IO however, prevailed.

The game blends geo-localization and augmented reality with the help of a dedicated piece of gaming hardware for phones which the developers have dubbed an “Inceptor”.

When I watched these trailers, my jaw hit the floor. The additional hardware looks beautiful, and doesn’t seem to interfere with gameplay, it’s essentially a laser tag vest strapped to your phone.

At this point you’re probably thinking this is all very Watch-Dogs / Terminator Genisys-ey, but with Pokemon GO entering the augmented reality / real world gaming ring, could this have sparked an entirely new dimension for mobile gaming?

People are competitive, it’s human nature. Combined with an FPS it’s a winning formula. Social integration is the main powerhouse behind the battles which are pre-organized surrounding weekly attacks, the greater importance of the objective means bigger game areas, prep time and participants.

Adding to the already large scope of the project, The “Commander Mode” presents a PC player watching over the battlefield and using a VR headset to control a Parrot drone to assist teammates. However, this is laid out as a tier 3 stretch goal, and would also include integration for iOS.

You can check the Kickstarter out for yourself Here where you can also sign up for Beta testing. Everything on show is seriously impressive. It will be equally incredible if the developers can deliver on the interesting scenario they have created.

Watch this space, and give @fatherio a follow for future updates.

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