Check Out These Upcoming Mobile Games With Beautiful Design

A Feast For Your Eyes

Monument Valley, Leo’s Fortune, Machinarium, Alto’s Adventure, and the list goes on. These titles all have one thing in common: beautiful design. In the mobile world, a great design can go along way and if paired with quality gameplay, you will likely have yourself a winner.

There is a whole bunch more to look out for. Below we’ve compiled a list of anticipated mobile games with great visuals and artwork that are expected to arrive sometime this year. All we can do now is cross our fingers and hope for quality gameplay to go with it.


Imagine a gothic version of Alice in Wonderland. 

Based in the afterlife, Afterland by Imaginary Games is a gorgeous mobile collectible card game about a travelling group of carnival misfits. The artwork stands out the most with a diverse group of misfits, each of them beautifully crafted. I am a follower their work on Facebook for quite some time now and the artwork alone is a good reason to like their page.

Calvino Noir

A film noir heist game with 1930s architecture.

Calvino Noi is an episodic narrative game with stunning architecture. It’s an experience I am itching to play, as players absorb themselves into various characters, solving a series of puzzles. It’s fine aesthetic and rich storyline is one to look out for by the small indie team behind this upcoming gem for iOS.

Jenny LeClue

A charming handmade adventure game will become a reality on smartphone and tablet devices. Jenny LeClue is described as a coming-of-age story based on the young detective, Jenny LeClue. This is a choose your own adventure, as you’ll end up getting yourself into a whole heap of difficult scenarios as you take on her mother’s murder case upon the death of Dean Strausberry.

A playable teaser is available in the App Store.

Lara Croft GO

After the success of Square Enix’s strategy board game, Hitman GO, the team announced a new heroic icon with an evolved setting follow this similar formula. Lara Croft from none other than Tomb Raider, will be revived in a turn-based strategy game based in a long forgotten world.

Love You to Bits

Love You to Bits is a cute, colorful, and lively adventure game. Your better half – a torn apart robot girlfriend – has been destroyed. Thus, you have embarked on a cosmic adventure to piece her back together by gathering her parts that are scattered across several planets.

I am a big fan of its unique art style and creative character choices.

Lumino City

This BAFTA Award Winning experience will be making its way to iOS and Android this year. Lumino City takes you through a stunning paper-made world of objects that are brought to life. Players are tasked with exploring and solving tactic puzzles, while absorbing hand-crafted environments.

The Room 3

Solving the secrets of the mystery boxes need to happen again, right now.

Fireproof Games has us waiting patiently for their third instalment of the critically-acclaimed 3D puzzler. The upcoming version of The Room promises to have more story, darker environments, and plenty of puzzles to solve. They shared a few updates not too long ago, stating further delays yet sharing more artwork to keep us excited for more.

Void and Meddler

“Fragments and details, rainy nights and blurry lights.”

Mi-Clos of Out There will be publishing a stylish indie non-linear adventure game based on the party rock scene. This point-and-click experience includes 3 episodes in a cyberpunk world. It will first arrive on PC and Mac, but has been confirmed for an intended mobile release.