Best Golf Games for iPhone or iPad

Tee off with these great golfing mobile games

I remember growing up on Golden Tee Golf, the classic arcade game that you would find in the arcade store or restaurants. It became a timeless classic which will fortunately make its way to mobile. In the meantime, there are plenty of games to check out in the App Store.

If you are in search of a good golf game to play on an iOS device, there are plenty to choose from. With that said, many of them are golf-based games with whacky concepts tied around it, so don’t expect it to help your golf game at all. When my brother asked me for a good golf game to play for his iPhone, the ones I mentioned were not exactly “realistic” from first glance but he got hooked in most of them.

I am an avid golfer myself, and I seem to can’t get enough of a good golf game from time to time. Here are the best golf games for iPhone and iPad devices.

Desert Golfing by Blinkbat Games

Out of all the golf games available in the App Store, this one would easily be overlooked. However, it is the most addicting endless golf game out there. There is literally an infinite amount of hole layouts that is randomly generated after each hole. The game uses a directional arrow for you to direct your swing angle. It’s extremely minimalistic but you will not be able to put it down. I guarantee you.

App Store (Free)

Super Stickman Golf 2 by Noodlecake Games

Super Stickman Golf 2 by Noodlecake Games is a dynamic golf game where you are pitted against a series of obstacles and layouts that include things like portals, magnets, and sticky walls. It’s a creative take with customizations for characters as well as various game modes such as turn-based multiplayer and race mode for extremely fun online play. If you haven’t picked up this game for golf, this may be the most fun you’ll have.

App Store (Free)

GOLFINITY by NimbleBit

NimbleBit is best known for their 8-bit casual mobile games, but GOLFINITY comes from a completely new angle. It’s a minimalistic endless putting game, with a clean and shiny user interface. Each hold has tricky three dimensional layouts and is a ton of fun if you’re looking for a mini-put experience.

App Store (Free)

Battle Golf by Colin Lane

One of my new favorite golfing games is Battle Golf. It’s a challenging casual game, where new greens emerge from the waters after you hit the previous hole. The challenging is to constantly beat your high score, in which new “greens” are randomly generated and emerge at different levels.

App Store (Free)

WGT: World Golf Tour Mobile Game by WGT

If you’re looking for an official golf game with a sense of realism, WGT: World Golf Tour Mobile Game will take you across the best simulation of the top courses from around the world including Pebble Beach, Brandon Dunes, and St. Andrews. Players can compete in full 18-hole matches including head-to-head matches in real-time.

App Store (Free)

Golf Star by Com2uS

For another virtual simulation of golf, Com2uS does a great job in creating a fun arcade-style experience while using solid mechanics to carry your ball through challenging courses. Players can compete in golf tournaments and compete for the World Championship. Of the two (WGT), Golf Star has more skin in the game as it has reached it’s third season and is feature rich with great graphics.

App Store (Free)

Wizard Golf RPG by Chris Zukowski

Wizard Golf RPG doesn’t quite feel like a golf game. It’s a retro-RPG dungeon crawler with the use of golfing mechanics. It’s an interesting concept taking an RPG experience that is typically popular among mobile gamers along with simple golfing rules to get you into the game quickly.

App Store (Free)

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