10 Best Basketball Mobile Games for Your iPad and iPhone [Updated]

A Collection of the Best Way to Shoot Hoops

From simulators to trick shot basketball, the App Store has plenty of games to choose from to satisfy your basketball craze. We’ve listed the top 10 basketball games for your iPhone or iPad.

NBA 2K16

App Store: $7.99

Update: I had to add the latest NBA 2K16 on here as it is a big upgrade from 2K15. With MyCareer Mode, Blacktop Mode, and improved controls and graphics, you can finally get a quality NBA sim on your mobile device. Although it’s not perfect and still needs work, it’s great to see 2K put more effort into the latest edition.


App Store: $0.99

What’s the best basketball mobile game? It has to be the mobile version of NBA JAM. This arcade classic seems to never get old and EA has recently released a new update for new devices. The mobile version is optimized with touchscreen controls and has a fairly recent updated roster. There are also in-game challenges that unlock legendary players including Larry Bird, Dr. J, and even the Beastie Boys.

For those unfamiliar, NBA JAM is a 2 v 2 action-packed basketball game with similar to fantasy sports and daily fantasy over the top slam dunks and absolutely no rules (except goaltending). It’s mobile version does the arcade cabinet justice with the action we all know and love. If you haven’t picked up NBA JAM, you should do it as soon as possible!

Stickman Basketball

App Store: $0.99

Stickman games are simple and straight to the point with the all you really need for a mobile game. When it comes to Stickman Basketball, it does a surprisingly good job in creating a full court mobile basketball game. There are several game modes including seasons, tournaments, and events as well as street ball. Unlike NBA JAM, Stickman Basketball has a bit more structure and teamwork required.

Dynasty Manager 15

App Store: $1.99

If you’re looking for a management sim, Dynasty Manager 15 is a solid option. It’s not flashy but it does the job with plenty of features and consistency with NBA players and coaches (without licensing). Players will pick a random North American city (not currently listed in the NBA) and build up their new team from scratch which includes hiring coaches and scouts, as well as draft and signing new basketball players.

The biggest component of the game is money management, as you’re hoping to surviving multiple seasons without going bankrupt.


App Store: Free (First Levels are Free, IAP to Unlock Full Game)

Want to play a game of HORSE? Gasketball is a puzzle basketball game where you must mimic your challenger’s shot, which happens to be a robot. You are given a limited amount of attempts as the overall concept was derived from a game of HORSE. Whether it’s bouncing it off several walls or making a challenging long distance shot, this game is challenging yet fun. There is a multiplayer mode as well where you can match with a player online or play locally.

Dude Perfect

App Store: $0.99

Want to master the trick shot like YouTube’s Dude Perfect? Dude Perfect 2 is another puzzle basketball game where you perform tricky shots by angling your shot stick and determining the strength of the shot before letting it go. With the right set of adjustments, you can earn points and unlock new levels by hitting the targets.

Baskteball Showdown 2015

App Store: Free

There are a number of first person shooting games but Basketball Showdown adds a bit more of a competitive nature. Players will select a country and play in a 1 on 1 shooting contest. For each shot made, you’ll move on to another spot on the floor which may require more or less power. Shots require precision swipes toward the net.

Basketball Showdown 2015 also includes online multiplayer to keep things exciting.


App Store: Free

If you’re a fan of mobile card games, MyNBA2K15 is probably the best one out there. Also, if you’re an NBA 2K game rfor your console, you can use XP and transfer them over to your career mode.

In MyNBA2K15, you will receive player packs and earn points in a card-based battle. As you win your card battles, you’ll earn points which can be used to unlock new card packs and potentially bring legendary players to your team.

Jam City Basketball

App Store: Free

Jam City is a decent 2 v 2 streetball game. Similar to NBA JAM, this is a no holds barred type of basketball match, however, it adds an element of player upgrades. By winning more games, you’ll unlock new gear for your player as you rule the streetball court. Unfortunately, the developer doesn’t seem to really get the mechanics of shooting a basketball, but there are times when matches become intense.


App Store: Free

For those that are fans of the PBA, you can play in a free-to-play basketball arcade that is an identical version of NBA JAM. Overall, it’s a great alternative developed by Raninda Games adding a PBA authenticity to the game of basketball. It also stars Manny Pacquiao as he joined the PBA, what more can you ask for?

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